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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

#39: 50 Reasons Why You Should Date BC Johnny...

1. Because I’m cute (in the North American sense, though perhaps the Golden Retriever way, too).
2. Because I can make you laugh (at the drop of a hat… or by dropping a hat).
3. Because I have an English accent (meaning I can do a great Hugh Grant impression in Four Weddings and a Funeral).
4. Because I’m a great catch (according to my mum, but she knows stuff).
5. Because I can run like Forrest Gump (and philosophize over boxes of chocolates).
6. Because I can cook (not quite like Jamie Oliver, but I’m working on it).
7. Because I’m honest (and always tell it like it is… though in a charming way).
8. Because I’m chivalrous (and will offer you my shirt in a raging blizzard).
9. Because I make kick-ass banana oatmeal (with honey & sultanas). 
10. Because I’m good at writing lists (particularly beginning ‘50 Reasons Why…’). 
11. Because I have a quirky car (called Telia, which looks like a Porsche from a distance). 
12. Because I can sing like Bee Gee Barry Gibb (I like to aim high). 
13. Because I’m good around the house (my countertops are so clean they squeak). 
14. Because I have a good heart (literally – all that running – and figuratively). 
15. Because I can play pool like Tom Cruise (in The Colour of Money). 
16. Because I make the best gluten-free pizza in BC (and it tastes good, too). 
17. Because I can go 0-60 in under a minute… (in a variety of disciplines). 
18. Because I can play the drums like Ringo (well, OK Animal from The Muppets). 
19. Because I’m an old romantic (in touch with my new romantic Duran Duran side). 
20. Because I can ski like Hermann Maier (handy in these fair parts). 
21. Because I believe family & community are the bedrocks for success. 
22. Because I’m going to have a book on the New York Times bestsellers’ list. 
23. Because I have charisma (and like to entertain & bring people together). 
24. Because I can’t think of a good reason why you shouldn’t (even if I’m biased). 
25. Because this may be the best decision you ever make (and life’s too short). 
26. Because I make a mean scrambled eggs on toast (and one or two other things). 
27. Because I can do this great party trick with my stomach, sticking it out to look like I’m pregnant, then sucking it in to look… like I’m conclusively not pregnant (you’ve gotta see it)...

To read the rest of this column, check out BC Johnny's upcoming book: Chilled Almonds. 

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