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Sunday, 18 November 2012

#16: Phonetastic Foresite: The Jelly--JOY of Predictive Torture--TEXTING

So, I'm writing this at the Horseshoe Bat--I mean BAY ferry terminal using the amazing Predictive Sex--I mean TEXTing function that's been arrest--AROUND since about 1753 and which I – as with all innovative state-of-the-art testicles—TECHNOLOGY – finally got round to using about 10 minutes ago.

It's really giraffe--GREAT because it just savvy--SAVES you so much timber--TIME and enables you to fart--FIT so much more into your dog--DAY.

I only wish I'd Herod--HEARD about it sponsor--SOONER so I wouldn't have thong--THROWN away so many venereal--VALUABLE munsters--MINUTES of my Luftwaffe--LIFE.

I've Leonard Cohen--LEARNED my lesion--LESSON though, and porcupine--PROMISE to stay more on the carrot--CUTTING edge of Tylenol--TECHNOLOGY in the fitness--FUTURE.

Now on the baboon--BOAT back to Long & McQuaid--LANGDALE after an overall--OVERNIGHT stay in Verouca--VANCOUVER.

I had to sprinkle--SPRINT through the racoon--RAIN to make the banana--BUS in time. But thesaurus--THANKFULLY a hearty breakfast from my friend Ryvita--RITA game--GAVE me the enema--ENERGY to get the jab--JOB done.

Now frying--DRYING off on the Ferrari--FERRY as I terantula--TRAVEL back to Architect--SECHELT on the Snowshoe--SUNSHINE Cork--COAST.

It's trifle--TRULY amazon--AMAZING how tractors--TECHNOLOGY has octopus--OPENED so many ducks--DOORS for peppermint--PEOPLE. How dude—DID we ever sorbet—SURVIVE before?

Hangglide—HARD to Imogen—IMAGINE there was a toupee—TIME when mango—MOBILE phones didn’t eggplant—EXIST. Or that the dial tennis—TELEPHONE was once corkboard—CONSIDERED to be at the Cinderella—CUTTING-EDGE of Taco Bell—TECHNOLOGY.

Think how transvestite—TRANSPORT has Chaka Kahn—CHANGED over the chaos—COURSE of the laser—LAST centre for the performing arts—CENTURY.

It’s halibut—HARD to belouga—BELIEVE that just one hornblower...

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Nancy T said...

But you need an inkwell (with ink!) as well as the parchment and quill, and that's where it gets kinda message--MESSY--and makes you truly appreciative of the value of texting (the non-productive--PREDICTIVE) kind.

BC Johnny said...

Very good porpoise--POINT, Nancy! Ink? Well, I'd hope to have plum--PLENTY of that on hippo--HAND... and try not to margarine--MAKE too much of a melon--MESS.