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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

On Golden

On a long run this morning I came across a pair of tourists who'd asked a fellow paved path dweller to take a picture of them with Victoria Harbour as a backdrop. I was about to inadvertently photo-bomb them, so put the breaks on and waited for the shot to be taken. Then called out: "I was going to photo-bomb you!" To which they replied: "That's a GREAT idea. Let's do it!" So the helpful snapper reset and took another shot with me in the background having climbed a monument and with the Golden Gloves outstretched in a double-star pose. They loved it! And it was a memorable connection which all four of us won't forget in a hurry... 🤩

Then, as I chugged my ass around the inner harbour and into Esquimalt, I bumped into a guy from Fort St. John with a parrot on his shoulder! It was actually a Macaw (like a rainbow in bird-form); named "Sarge" after a friend in the Canadian military; and 23 years old... which is young for a Macaw—as they can potentially live to a ripe old age of 130! And yes, that's human years. I think Sarge was both dazzled and entranced by the Golden Gloves in equal measure. And thrown off guard enough to make no mention of a desire to 'redistribute' the gloves in "pieces of eight"... 😄

Finally, running back through the DT portion of Vic Harbour, a swarm of Chinese tourists emerged on my short-term horizon—taking selfies and group photos like they were on Death Row and this was their 'Last Supper'. As I artfully jinked and shimmied my way through the throbbing throng, I jokingly photo-bombed a couple of shots with the Golden Gloves... and the girls went nuts! A multi-layered chorus of "Hi!"s rang out like bees buzzing around honey and I thought I was about to be affectionately lynched. Fun times! 

The Golden Gloves sure have power! And are proving something of a 'gold-mine' in creating material to write about... 
👌🙌 😁


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